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Super useful, almost invisible

There are times when you just want to write a note to yourself. Like on a piece of scrap paper lying around on your desk. Which you then throw away because you think it is trash. But then you really need it, and if they haven’t picked up the garbage, you can go digging for it. But if you have a Mac with SwiftText, you’ve got a vitural piece of scrap paper that is instantly available, that saves itself away, and that doesn’t do much else. Perfect. Plus, if you want to share the note via iMessage or email or what have you, you can just select the text and use the system share services.

Works nicely

Works very well. I really like the option that it can float above other windows, so it lets you work between the app and another application like Word. It’s nicer than having to open TextEdit over and over for working with text. A feature I would like to see is multiple sheets, similiar to Ulysses or Unclutter.

Extremely useful app

First of all, earlier I wrote a negative review of this as a result of my error—I didn’t realize the app operated from the menubar and thought it was not working. I apologize for that. I have found this to be a very useful little app that I use daily. It gives a convenient place to “set down” information temporarily that is both quick and easy to access. The text is saved automatically without having to do a thing, and is always there when you need it. Once I got used to using this, I found it hard to do without it. Recommended!

Exactly what I’ve been looking for

I can’t believe I’ve found an app that does EXACTLY what I’ve been needing an app to do — be a quick place to scrawl some temporary text for reference. I used to use nvALT, until my computer inexplicably decided to utterly break the program, but I was never entirely happy with it. I didn’t want a place for saving and organizing notes, where I’d have to come up with file names before I could even start typing. I wanted someplace that I could scrawl something my boss said to me. Quickly accesible by hotkey, instant writing, utterly disposable. The fact that you can make the window float on top of other windows in this app is what’s really putting me over the moon. When rewriting a document, I like to keep a copy of chunks of the original text for me to reference and cannibilize from. Having the original in one window and the new document in another side by side was too distracting for me. Until now, I’ve been using SnappyApp to take a floating screenshot of the original text which I can make small enough to not be distracting while still using it as a reference, but I couldn’t copy/paste from that. Now I can. This app is seriously like someone read the wishlist in my mind. I’m so happy right now.

Just what the doctored ordered

I love this app. It's my killer, everyday app. I often like to write an email or a post or whatever to a text editor before I transfer it to its final place. Sometimes because I work on it thoughout the day. I was using Mac's TextEdit, but that was a pain especially since I use "Spaces" (now "Mission Control"). It was a real pain switching back and forth between desktops to get back to TextEdit. My only wish: The ability to change font size.

What I was looking for

Works on snow leopard and lion. Works with spaces. Allows for find and replace. I would like a regex capable find and multiline replace but this will work for now. Also I would like to see the ability for syncing the notes across computers possibly with dropbox or icloud.

Essential app

super simple & super efficient. i've tried all the similar apps, & i firmly believe this is the best one out there. couldn't ask for anything more or anything less

Simple (and that's a good thing)

The beauty of this app is in it's simplicity. It does one thing, and does it elegantly. During the day, I find myself using SwiftText to jot down ideas, reminders, and notes from hallway conversations. It's also perfect for recording feedback when I'm presenting on my laptop because it's quick and easy to open SwiftText, make a note, and get back to the presentation.

Simple, easy, effective

When I have a bit of text that I need to hang onto but I don't know where else to put it, SwiftText comes to the rescue. It's incredibly simple to use and light-weight.

Fantastic scratchpad

This works fantastically as a scratchpad. All I request is an button on the document next to the preferences button that would behave as a toggle to make it float on top of all windows. Oh and default font choices would be great too.

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